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Guyue Longshan - Qianfu Thirty Years Shaoxing Huadiao Wine (Gift Box) [500ml]

Guyue Longshan - Qianfu Thirty Years Shaoxing Huadiao Wine (Gift Box) [500ml]

Wine age: 30 years Main ingredients: water, glutinous rice, wheat, coloring (caramel)
Alcohol content: 14.0 % Vol.
Total sugar content: 15.1-40.0 g/L
Packaging specifications: 500ml x 5 boxes/carton

Guyue Longshan Huadiao wine is specially used for state banquets. It is brewed by top national winemakers using glutinous rice, high-quality wheat and Shaoxing Jianhu water in traditional wine jars through natural fermentation. The wine is fragrant and fragrant, the color is clear amber, and the wine has a sweet and mellow taste.

The bottle of Qianfu Thirty Years is made of blue and white porcelain bottle from Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province. The surface is decorated with ancient wine-making scenes and traditional patterns. The whole body is simple and elegant. It is a high-end series of Huadiao wine launched in the year of the millennium; it is decorated with wood grain frame and blue and gold colors. The basic gift box packaging is dignified and elegant, making it a great gift for banquet guests.

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