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Guyue Longshan - Qingxu plum wine [500ml]

Guyue Longshan - Qingxu plum wine [500ml]

"Guyue Longshan Fruit Wine" and Japan Meiluxiang Co., Ltd.

It specializes in exporting sake and green plum wine products to Japan, Southeast Asia and European countries. It is one of the world's largest wineries and also cooperates with small and medium-sized wineries for OEM production.

Recently developed our own "Qingxu" plum wine,

It has a low sweetness and a refreshing taste of sweet and sour apricot and plum.

Suitable for drinking with a variety of dishes:

1) Spicy hotpot

2) Korean BBQ

3) Japanese seafood sashimi

4) Three or five confidants, gift-giving party, greeting friends

How to enjoy plum wine

1) In the hot summer, add a small amount of ice cubes after cooling

2) Add a small amount of distilled water

3) Add a small amount of Sprite, 7 likes

Bring out fresh and pleasant feeling

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