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Tianchun‧ Natural Rice Wine (No Additives, 0 Colorings) [500ml]

Tianchun‧ Natural Rice Wine (No Additives, 0 Colorings) [500ml]

Main ingredients: water, glutinous rice, wheat, ** No food additives, no coloring (caramel) **
Alcohol content: >=14% Vol.
Age: 10 years
Origin: Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, China
Storage method: Place in a cool, ventilated and dry place

Guyuelongshan Tianchun Yellow Rice Wine is supervised by the National Rice Wine Engineering Technology Research Center and created with the utmost ingenuity by Guyuelongshan. It is made from pure natural raw materials: natural high-quality glutinous rice and Jianhu good water. It is truly a "genius wine".

Koji is made from wheat, and the wine has no additives and is crystal clear in color, "pure and natural".

The packaging is simple and elegant but not vulgar. The bottle pattern is a Tai Chi diagram composed of rice ears and water, which means gathering the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, harmonizing yin and yang, and following the laws of nature to brew good wine.

Overall: inherited craftsmanship, authentic taste, clear and pure taste, delicious and sweet taste.

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