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Guyue Longshan - 20-year-old Shaoxing Huadiao wine (wooden box) [500ml]

Guyue Longshan - 20-year-old Shaoxing Huadiao wine (wooden box) [500ml]

Twenty years of wine
Main ingredients: water, glutinous rice, wheat, coloring matter (caramel)
Alcohol content: >=14% Vol.
Origin: Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, China
Storage method: Place in a cool, ventilated and dry place

Ingredients: Jijian Lake winter water is the blood, clear and ice-pure; high-quality glutinous rice is selected to be the backbone, green and healthy.
Timing selection: Brewing starts at the beginning of winter to gather the aura of ancient Yue; Gua Tan is brewed at the beginning of spring, and only one season of wine is brewed a year.
Pottery altar: A selection of traditional pottery altars with appropriate spacing and density; the charm of aged old altars is blended with old wine.
Wine warehouse: It has a central wine warehouse of 200,000 square meters, which is tall and ventilated. It stores 260,000 tons of essence of raw wine, which is mature and mellow.
Sommelier: National-level wine-making master, well versed in the meridians of wine; exquisite wine-making technology to ensure balanced wine quality.

Guyue Longshan's warehouse series wines all use the central wine warehouse's wine base, and return to consumers with brand-new packaging and classic taste. Shaoxing Huadiao Liquor, a wine from Guyue Longshan Central Storehouse, is soft in nature, orange in color and clear, fragrant and fragrant, with a sweet and mellow taste. It has the mellow aroma of traditional Shaoxing wine. It is easy to drink and will be unforgettable once you try it.

Hairy crabs/seafood/oysters/long-legged crabs are a must-try!
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